The NHS found that one in three of the UK workforce will be formally diagnosed with a mental health condition in their lifetime, and work-related stress and mental illness account for more than half of all sick-days.

So providing your employees with access to Talking therapy assists with the prevention of mental illness and maintenance of mental and physical wellbeing.


Talking therapy is not just for anyone who's going through a bad time; it helps us to maintain our mental wellbeing and deal with future curveballs.

Our therapists at Neutral Space use clinically-proven techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to work with your employees to set goals, track progress, and measure results.

The benefits of proactive support:

  • Shows the caring face of your organisation which makes a difference to the lives of colleagues

  • Prevents escalation through early intervention

  • Minimises the risk of longer-term problems

  • Increases staff retention and reduces absenteeism

  • Invests in healing and recovery, saving money and lives


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Our Partners


We work alongside magnificent companies and organisation that believe their employee's matter. We share and understand the importance of mental health maintenance and supporting people to recover from mental illness. We are proud of our partners.

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